BYOTA Inc.'s CorporateTravelAgent.Ca is a North American Corporate Travel Management Company that brings together creative group travel specialist's, business owners, incentive travel business development personnel, corporate event planners and marketing professionals for the purpose of igniting innovative meetings, conferences & corporate team building events.


The common man’s increased access to knowledge has given intellectual freedom to anyone.  In order for the world’s newest artistic, technological, and organizational revolutions to come about, there needs to be cooperation between the travel specialist, who possess the freshest ideas and vision, with the experienced and knowledgeable team backing the vision.


BYOTA Inc.'s CorporateTravelAgent.Ca  belongs to an international network of over 1,000 professional travel agencies. Our combined buying power and corporate expertise enable us to take you places that will inspire your passion for business travel, in a style that exceeds your expectation.



   Personal service and dedicated support

   Reduced travel expenditures

   Corporate travel management

   Exhibition, conference and team building

•   First Class personalized travel services


As a client of CorporateTravelAgent.Ca you have exclusive access to BYOTA's personal vacation options with the same service and support as your companies travel. BYOTA Inc. offers competitive rates on cruises, group travel, adventure, luxury and expedition travel & more. provides you the flexibility to book your own corporate or personal travel on-line and receive a rebate cheque in the mail.

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