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Coverage for Corporate Travel


How insurance can help protect your business travel investment

Planning corporate travel takes a significant amount of time, and often involves a tight

Budget  But emergencies can happen at any time, disrupting even the most well made

travel plans. So how can you help protect your unforeseen costs?


Here are a few things you should think about before their trip:

   Injury, sickness and accidents can happen at anytime. If an employee were to become ill or injured, how would you pay for these costs?

   Cancelled or changed travel plans are often subject to penalties. Is there money in your corporate travel budget to cover these expenses?

  Travel insurance is an effective way to protect your employees while keeping corporate travel budgets in check.


What BYOTA Inc.'s CorporateTravelAgent.Ca Travel Agent Partners can offer your company:

Comprehensive insurance coverage at a competitive price to protect your  travel investment. Some of the value-added services


Insurance offers include:

   24-hour emergency medical assistance services;

   Cancellation and Interruption insurance, which protects clients against the costs of cancelled travel plans, and early or delayed returns; and

•  Rental car physical damage, which offers protection for rental car collision damage at rates generally lower than those offered by car

rental agencies.

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